'Treasures from Heritage' in Katara showcases valuable collections from Qatari environment
August 09 2022 10:50 PM
'Treasures from Heritage' in Katara showcases valuable collections from Qatari environment


The exhibition "Treasures from Heritage" of the Abdullah Al-Ghanim Museum opened at the Cultural Village Foundation — Katara on Monday evening, and will run until Aug 28.
The opening ceremony, which was hosted by Gallery 2 in building No 18, was attended by a number of ministers, Sheikhs, ambassadors and diplomats accredited to the State, as well as a number of media personnel and those interested in heritage and archaeological collections.

HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani Museum in Qatar, said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA): "We are pleased to see the Qatari youth who have this high interest, especially Abdullah al-Ghanim, who is still continuing his studies and has this passion for acquiring antiques, which is proof that if a person wants something, he achieves it."
"This collection is valuable and excellent, and as a museum owner I know the value of these things," HE Sheikh Faisal said, praising the interest of young people in their heritage and history.

For his part, HE the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation — Katara Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said in a statement to QNA that this exhibition, hosted by Katara, is an encouragement for Qatari youth with creative ideas, stressing that the Cultural Village opens its doors to all promising energies and identifies them.
He also praised Abdullah al-Ghanim's collection and its importance and diversity, and his interest in the Qatari heritage side of them, whether in terms of old rifles, brushes or traditional dress, pointing out that al-Ghanim is an example for ambitious Qatari youth passionate about the heritage and history of the country.
Abdullah al-Ghanim said: "I have a special museum in the Al Ghanim area, sometimes we find it difficult for people to come to the museum, so I decided to display part of my belongings in the exhibition 'Treasures from Heritage'."

Al-Ghanim's private museum includes more than 500 items, of which about 100 were displayed in "Treasures from Heritage". For his part, owner of the Al-Sunaidi Museum of Computer History, writer Abdullah al-Sunaidi, said that al-Ghanim is a young Qatari amateur interested in collecting collectibles and antiques. "I referred to him in my book entitled 'Private Museums in Qatar', and his exhibition features some of the collections specific to the Qatari environment. This is an opportunity through which we hope to organise similar exhibitions, especially since our country is about to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022".

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