Civil Service Bureau: 942 job seekers recruited through Kawader platform
March 20 2022 09:30 PM


Data issued by the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau showed that the number of job seekers, who were employed in various government, joint and private agencies in the country through the national employment platform "Kawader", amounted to 942, during the period between the end of the last quarter of 2021 and March 2022, distributed among both sexes, by 62% of females and 38% of males.
The statistical bulletin of the national employment platform "Kawader" issued by the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau indicated that the Primary Health Care Corp achieved the first place as the most employing agency for job seekers through the national employment platform "Kawader", while Hamad Medical Corp came in second place, and the General Authority of Customs in third place.
The bulletin indicated that there are 3,172 current job opportunities on the national employment platform "Kawader". The available job opportunities, according to the statistics, range from holders of graduate studies to those with no high school degree.
The bulletin noted that the three most prominent providers of job opportunities on the platform are the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Supreme Judiciary Council, and the Primary Health Care Corp.
The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau stressed that the goal of publishing the statistics comes from the standpoint of enhancing the principle of transparency, and sharing data and statistics with the general public, noting that the statistics will be updated periodically at the end of each quarter.
The recent updates that were made on the national platform for employment "Kawader", contributed to facilitating the procedures for hiring job seekers, through an updated and more accurate job matching system than the previous one, as well as the possibility of running for five jobs at the same time.

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