Qatar Charity delegation to distribute aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 25 2022 05:54 PM
Qatar Charity delegation to distribute aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

A delegation of Qatar Charity (QC) arrived in Lebanon to deliver urgent shelter, food and health aid to Syrian refugees in Arsal, a Lebanese town on the border with Syria.
This comes as part of QC’s ‘urgent response call to Arsal under its ‘Warmth and Peace’ drive. Qatar Charity, through this call, aims to provide relief aid to more than half a million affected Syrian refugees in Arsal and other areas, as they have recently suffered the harsh
snowstorms and heavy rains that made their already precarious situations even harder, QC has said in a statement.

The delegation headed by Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media Sector at Qatar Charity, consists of many officials from Qatar Charity, several social activists, social media influencers and media figures, in addition to a number of donors.
Qatar Charity’s delegation, in co-operation with Arsal Municipality, will distribute the new batch of aid to the affected, in addition to deploying a mobile clinic to provide free treatment and medicine for people cut off from access to medical services. The delegation will also pay a visit to QC projects implemented in Sidon, a city in Lebanon.

The relief aid includes dozens of consignments of foodstuffs, fuel, personal hygiene kits, winter essentials and necessary medicines. The aid will be provided to Syrian refugees in six camps, as well as to underprivileged Lebanese families in Arsal.
Qatar Charity, through its urgent response call to Arsal, seeks to alleviate to the suffering of those affected by the snowstorms that have made their plight even worse.
QC recently sent 10 consignments of aid for Syrian refugees, which was distributed in six camps.

As refugees and internally displaced persons are currently suffering from a harsher winter and heavy rain, frost and snow, Qatar Charity has urged benefactors in Qatar to donate to the campaign to help the vulnerable.
One can easily donate to the campaign through Qatar Charity’s website, app, branches and collection points located in malls and commercial centres, in addition to requesting for a ‘Home Collector’ and dialling 44667711 to donate.

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