PSS conducts teacher orientation session
January 13 2022 08:11 PM
Principal Nabila Kaukab organised the event on student empowerment and student learning outcomes (SL
Principal Nabila Kaukab organised the event on student empowerment and student learning outcomes (SLOs).

Pak Shama School recently held a weeklong teacher orientation session.
Principal Nabila Kaukab organised the event on student empowerment and student learning outcomes (SLOs).
The first day of the session began with an overview of the value of teachers in society, emphasising that teachers serve a critical role in society, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, when students are unable to attend school on a regular basis.
Classroom elements CPPL (Content, Process, Product and Learning) environment were introduced. The content involves the curriculum, the information learned, the standards and skills being taught. The process involves the activities through which students learn the content. Product is the outcome of students implementing different projects. Principal Kaukab discussed how the learning environment affects students' attention and focus, fosters meaningful learning experiences, supports greater levels of student achievement, and encourages students to develop higher-level critical thinking abilities. A brief conversation on SLOs was also done with the mentors, with emphasis on how to achieve long-term academic goals.
On the second day, different physical and online teaching strategies were taught. In physical teaching strategies, information regarding visualisation, co-operative learning, inquiry-based instruction, differential, reciprocal teaching and classroom behaviour management were given. In online teaching strategies, Gamify Learning, use of graphics for pre-recorded lectures and flipped classroom strategies were discussed.
On the third day, principal Kaukab introduced treatment and enrichment plan, and made it as the part of curriculum to achieve the mission of the school. She advised teachers to identify the strengths and weakness of students, and that syllabus is divided into different elements to improve learning skills. She informed the staff that the purpose of the enrichment plan is to provide extended learning opportunities and challenges to students, and to give opportunities to study the concept with greater depth.
On the fourth day, guidelines on different assessment methods, such as formative assessment, summative assessment, peer assessment and authentic assessment were introduced so that mentors could easily determine students’ interest.
The last day saw teachers' file management. Mentors were divided into different groups and subject-wise and their files were reviewed by head of wings Irum Attique, Shoaib Asghar, Azhar, Summrah Sinkandar, Akram and Maqsood under the observation of the principal.

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