Ooredoo Money recognised as ‘Global Partner of the Year’, ‘Digital Partner of the Year’ by MoneyGram
January 27 2021 12:50 AM
Ooredoo Money
The awards demonstrate that Ooredoo Money is the best digital partner globally for MoneyGram, according to Ooredoo chief consumer officer Fatima Sultan al-Kuwari.

Ooredoo has been officially designated ‘Global Partner of The Year’ and ‘Digital Partner of The Year’ for 2020 by MoneyGram International on the strength of the performance of the Ooredoo Money service over the past year.
Ooredoo Money secured these awards for its tremendous performance during 2020 and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, whereby it guaranteed customers the digital options they need to send money across the world. Ooredoo Money is now firmly-established as a top global partner of MoneyGram, accelerating the mutual strategic objective of digital transformation, and has seen international remittance growth of almost 400% and customer growth of almost 100%. 
More than $1bn has been remitted through Ooredoo Money on behalf of MoneyGram. Of the two awards, Ooredoo Money won ‘Digital Partner of The Year’ for the second consecutive year. Fatima Sultan al-Kuwari, chief consumer officer at Ooredoo, said: “This twin accolade demonstrates that Ooredoo Money is the best digital partner globally for MoneyGram, based on its resilience, reliability, and spectacular growth during recent events. 
“We’re delighted to be continuing our mutually-beneficial partnership with MoneyGram and send our congratulations to all those involved in making the service such a success.”
A virtual meeting was held between al-Kuwari and Alex Holmes, CEO and chairman at MoneyGram, to discuss the partnership and awards.

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