All sport day activities to be held outdoors
January 26 2021 07:36 PM
national sport day

* RT-PCR test required for contact sports
The organising committee of the National Sport Day (NSD) has said all sporting activities and events for this year's Sport Day will be held in the open air, and that no event will be allowed indoors.
The Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS) Tuesday issued a statement in which the committee announced - in co-ordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) - the conditions and requirements for holding the National Sport Day activities this year in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Qatar celebrates the second Tuesday of February as National Sport Day.
A detailed document, 'National Sport Day Healthcare Protocol and Public Health Measures', has also been issued in this regard by the MoPH and it is available here on the MCS website
For sports that involve direct contact among the participants such as football, volleyball, basketball and others, the MoPH has to be contacted to co-ordinate and conduct the necessary RT-PCR test for all those taking part in such activities, the statement explained.
For activities that do not require direct/close contact with others and physical distance can be maintained, such as marathon, walking, cycling, boating, marine activities, athletics and others, there is no need to conduct the RT-PCR test or take prior approval. However, all the instructions mentioned in the NSD health protocol should be followed.
The protocol is aimed at maintaining the health and safety of all on this occasion, while stressing the importance of practising sport in a safe way.
The committee highlighted the importance of adhering to the guidelines for organising National Sport Day events to help achieve the goals of the special day, according to a Qatar News Agency (QNA) report. Further, the committee stressed the importance of focusing on events that involve physical activity in order to promote the importance of practising sports as a healthy, daily habit.
The committee has asked all parties organising NSD events to choose activities that are appropriate for the different age groups of the participants, in terms of intensity and duration, to avoid fatigue or injuries, QNA adds.
Besides, setting up tents and temporary places for the occasion should be avoided along with the distribution of gifts and free food among the public to avoid unnecessary crowds, the statement explained, adding that the same applied to other related festivities (such as exhibitions and music shows).
The committee also called on people to avoid fast food and advised them to eat nutritious meals instead.
Meanwhile, health and safety procedures should be maintained at all times while practising sports at different parks and other public sports facilities, which should be used instead of tents and other closed places.

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