Qatari enthusiast hopes to steal spotlight at Qatar Custom Show
January 13 2021 10:55 PM
Abdulaziz H Alhawal al-Marri is all set with his classic Chevrolet SS 1969 and Arch KRGT-1 motorbike
Abdulaziz H Alhawal al-Marri is all set with his classic Chevrolet SS 1969 and Arch KRGT-1 motorbike at the Qatar Custom Show. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

There will be many unique, classic cars and motorbikes showcased at Qatar Custom Show starting Thursday evening, but a booth with classic Chevrolet SS 1969 and Arch KRGT-1 motorbike stands out.
This is the second year for Abdulaziz H Alhawal al-Marri, a Qatar biker who customises bikes and classic cars, to take part in the event. His bike won him the first prize last year. The three-day show runs until Saturday at Qatar Racing Club.
For Qatar Custom Show 2021, Abdulaziz’s project is the vintage Chevrolet car that he thinks will catch the eyes of the judges. “This is my dream car. I have been in love with the car since I watched it in American action movies. The customised car took me a year to complete this project. When I saw it in the US, the car was built only 30% of what it is today. I bought the car. I also bought a new engine, new wheels, and AC with vintage look. Everything is modern but with vintage look so it is going live in our weather. The car reached Qatar four months ago and I completed the customisation work here. I hope this car stands out in the show.”
Abdulaziz has put on display his bike, for the second consecutive year in the show. “This bike won the show last year. I have brought it second time for the visitors to have a look. But next year, I will have a new project.
“I watched a show about Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. He has his own company that prepares customised motorcycles in the US. They will prepare the bike only for you and no one else can have a similar bike. I visited Arch Motorcycle Company in 2019. It took some four months to get the bike ready for me. The actor especially signed the bike for me.”
The biker thinks the show is a very good platform for the youth. “It is an opportunity for the young people to bring in something unique and artistic here. They can come and see different cars and bikes and can meet a lot of people here.”

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