Qatar Charity marks World Children’s Day
November 21 2020 11:51 PM
initiatives for children.
QC is involved in several initiatives for children.

Qatar Charity (QC) marked World Children’s Day, which is celebrated on November 20 every year to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide, and for improving children’s welfare.
“This year, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child is very important, especially as it comes under exceptional circumstances due to the continuing outbreak of the coronavirus, which has brought many obstacles to children. This pandemic has led to economic problems that have affected children badly, while millions of other orphaned children, as well as those from poor families, may have to enter into the labour market due to the negative impact of Covid-19,” QC said in a statement.
According to the International Labour Organisation, more than 152mn children are engaged in the labour market globally, and 72mn of them carry out hazardous work, face challenging situations and work for longer hours.
Qatar Charity is among the most important international organisations attaching significant attention to orphan care by providing quality education, shelter and all other requirements to help them continue their study.
QC also provides educational services to students in disaster-hit areas, as well as in poor communities, across the globe.
Qatar Charity is one of the world’s largest orphan sponsors, with more than 175,000 children sponsored in three continents through Rofaqa, a global humanitarian initiative concerned with orphan care.
QC provides comprehensive care for orphans in the health, educational and social fields. It has built Sheikha Aisha Bint Hamad Bin Abdullah Al-Attiyah Model Orphans City in Sudan.
The work at Taiba Education City, implemented by Qatar Charity, is nearing completion. It aims to provide comprehensive care for 600 orphans and is expected to benefit 6,600 orphans and their families in the areas south of Khartoum State.
The Khubaib Bin Adi (R) Orphanage accommodates hundreds of orphans and students in Bangladesh where QC also has other orphanages.
Qatar Charity has won the Orphan Care Excellence Award (Kafel) for the current year, from the Regional Network for Social Responsibility in co-operation with regional and international organisations and bodies. QC received the award during its participation in the activities of the third World Conference on Orphan Care 2020, which was organised remotely. QC won the award for its role in supporting comprehensive orphan care services in the social, health, educational and entertainment fields.
In the education field, Qatar Charity works in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. The protection of education in crisis-affected zones is among the most significant work area of QC, as it seeks to provide quality education in many countries and refugee camps.
Concerning education in emergencies, Qatar Charity works on establishing, furnishing and repairing educational institutions, providing school bags, textbooks and tuition fees, and offering e-learning services to ensure quality education for all. For example, it has provided free education for returnee children in Somalia.QC implemented projects and provided aid in support of education during crises and disasters at a cost of more than QR64mn between 2019 and 2020.
Qatar Charity has printed 1mn textbooks and distributed 10mn textbooks to schoolchildren in 2019 and 2020.
As the lack of recognition of academic certificates in the conflict-hit Syria posed a great challenge to the education sector, Qatar Charity, in partnership with the World Refugee School, designed an e-learning project to provide the internationally recognised certificates to children.  For this purpose, QC designed an integrated digital platform and digital labs in schools where students can do assignments.
Qatar Charity, with support from the Qatar Fund for Development, has implemented a health project for pregnant women in Lebanon. The project offers free healthcare services to underprivileged pregnant Syrian refugees in Lebanon. This project creates a joyful atmosphere for receiving a newborn by providing all the necessary 

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