talabat rider's act of kindness evokes praise and appreciation
October 21 2020 11:01 PM
Mohamed Yasin in a screen grab from the video.
Mohamed Yasin in a screen grab from the video.

A talabat rider, Mohamed Yasin, whose act of kindness in helping a differently abled person cross a busy street, has been well appreciated and the Ministry of Interior honoured him recently.
Pictures of a rider helping a person in a wheelchair had gone viral on the social media.
talabat released a video explaining what happened on the road and afterwards, as described by Yasin in the video.
“I do not know where the man came from. I was delivering an order from McDonald's. The traffic was fast-moving and he couldn't see anything from the back,” says, Yasin in the video.
“When I saw it, I had no doubt that I should help him. I parked my motorbike and asked him where he wanted to go. He pointed towards the end of the road and I helped him cross the road.
"He then thanked me with all the sincerity,” Yasin explained.
It seems that some motorist had taken pictures of the incident and posted it on the social media but the identity of the rider was unknown until talabat came out with the video.
Yasin said in the video that he felt very happy in helping the person.“I felt happy because I helped someone in need and he was very happy about it.
"My father used to tell me, 'If you help someone, somebody else will help you back.'"
Yasin said he received a call from the Ministry of Interior following the incident. “They appreciated and thanked me for what I have done. They also presented me with a helmet, a jacket and shoes as a token of appreciation of my act,” he added.
After the incident, talabat has promoted Yasin from a rider to a rider captain and he will manage a fleet of riders now.
Mary Haji, communication manager at talabat said that the company was very proud of Yasir and his act of kindness.
“Yasin has shown the values, talabat stands for and his act should be an inspiration for all the staff and encourage them to emulate and act with kindness at all situations possible," the official added.

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